Thursday Thoughts 5/9/13

1. Do you ever take a step back, look at your life, and suddenly realize you’re a grown-up? Me and my sister were talking about this the other week. We don’t feel like grown-ups, yet somehow we’re the ones driving the car down to Virginia. We’re stopping because we need coffee. We’re making sure the kids eat something. We’re breaking up fights in the back seat. Those all sound like  things my parents do, not me. Sigh.

2. I discovered a new gluten-free product at the grocery store the other day! At least, I think it’s pretty new. Snyder’s GF pretzels. They were really good! Now I can have one of my favorite snacks again: pretzels + peanut butter. Mmmm.


3. I started Week 2 of Ripped in 30 earlier this week and was quickly reminded of how hard that workout is. Two full minutes of cardio in plank position (30 seconds of plank jacks, 30 seconds of mountain climbers, repeat). Dear Lord that is hard.


4. For some reason doing just 5-10 minutes on the rowing machine makes me feel like a total badass. Anyone else?


5. I got to do some more last minute traveling for work this week! Not quite as exciting as my trip to San Diego, but still pretty fun. I flew down to Philadelphia last night, and I’ll be flying back to Providence later tonight. Readers: any great recommendations for food while I’m down here?

6. Juggling workouts and training for a race is definitely a challenge when I have to travel for work. I managed to get to the gym for a nice sweaty treadmill run before I flew out last night though.


7. Speaking of running, I’m taking Olive to Run’s May challenge Run Free for Me, so on Tuesday night I went for a run without my Garmin. I have absolutely no idea how far I ran or how fast I went, and it felt great. Well—not knowing my pace was great. The run itself was okay. In true New England fashion the weather jumped from the low 50’s to the mid 70’s—no middle ground to speak of. It takes awhile for my body to adjust. I’m a winter runner for sure.


8. This past weekend when I was hanging out with my little cousin Emma, we busted out one of my absolute favorite childhood toys: American Girl Dolls. I still want all-the-things whenever I browse through those catalogs. So adorable!

My American Girl Doll 2

9. I wish this was my life.


10.  My local Trader Joe’s hasn’t been carrying almond butter for at least a month now. This baby was a site for sore eyes the other day.


Happy Thursday friends!

Questions: When was the last time you went for a run without knowing the time/distance? What new foods/products have you tried lately?

41 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 5/9/13

  1. Jessie

    You have had quite the busy schedule lately! Oh and those pretzels.. um one word ADDICTING! I went through a back so quick.. so beware! lol

    Safe travels girl.

  2. Chelsie S

    Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of having bought my condo and it was also the day that I handed in a form that will start me collecting my pension. Talk about feeling like an adult!! We’re getting old, fast!
    Also — I shake my head in amazement at how the blog world is falling in love with the “indoor rower” (which as a former rower, I will always call an erg) because I literally see nothing fun about it! Reading about the blogger erg workouts brings me back to the excruciating workouts and 120min Saturday morning pieces we used to do. It would take quite a bit of money and/or other sweet bribes to convince me to hop back on for a workout. Right now, it’s pretty much an impossibility. But enjoy!! I’m glad you feel like a bad ass. It’s a pretty bad ass workout!
    I’m having trouble adjusting to the heat too — winter runners unite! ;)
    Have fun in Philly!!

    1. aftertheivyleague Post author

      Dear Lord, I can’t imagine staying on the rowing machine that long! 5-10 minutes tops for me, I think that’s probably the only reason why I’ve been enjoying it! haha And yes, winter runners unite! If Florida runners can complain that it’s cold when it’s 50, we can complain that it’s hot when it’s 70 right? Right.

  3. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Oh my gosh, American Girl dolls! I am still obsessed with them too :) While I was in Chicago around Christmastime, I walked through the store downtown. Talk about a little girl’s dream come true! It was amazing! If you ever get the chance, I totally recommend making a stop there while in Chicago. It sounds lame but trust me, you’ll love it!

    1. aftertheivyleague Post author

      It’s so funny you should mention this! When my cousin Emma was going through her cancer treatments in Chicago, one of the fun things she got to do was go to the American Girl Doll store. When I visited her, my mom and aunt went to the store to buy a gift for her. I desperately wanted to go, but it was more important that I spend time with Emma so I didn’t go. If I ever make it back to Chicago though, I will be all about that store!

  4. Eating 4 Balance

    That’s so exciting that you finally got those pretzels in a store near you! That’s kind of strange that you haven’t seen them before since they’ve been out for a few years, but sometimes it takes awhile for gluten-free versions to be picked up by stores, so who knows? :D

    #1 is too funny but so true. Obviously I haven’t been an “adult” for very long, but ever since my freshman year of high school I’ve noticed that I’m much more aware of things when little children are involved. When I babysat the last two summers I seriously felt like a parent making them brush their teeth and take their vitamins each morning, forcing them to eat their vegetables, and getting mad when they weren’t ready on time for us to leave somewhere. Lol. Tough stuff :)

    1. aftertheivyleague Post author

      It’s totally possible they’ve been around for ages! I don’t normally eat a lot of processed gluten-free products, only once in awhile do I stop by those aisles and pick up a few new things. I tend to eat naturally gluten-free for the most part, except for Udi’s bread which is a staple of mine!

  5. Allison @ Life's a Bowl

    Oh my goodness, there is the biggest American Girl Doll store at our mall… There’s a beauty salon, hospital, mall, etc. all for the dolls and a cafe where girls can host parties with their dolls – we definitely never had that when we were younger! I picked up a jar of that almond butter over the weekend too, but crunchy ;) Anddd I think the free running challenge is awesome and I’m participating too!

  6. Sarah @pickyrunner

    I definitely don’t always FEEL like a grown up. I’m not sure how it happened actually. And I’m not fully there yet but every so often I stop and am shocked to realize it. Like what, I’m in college? Anyways, I have 3 american girls dolls and I used to love them! I had a massive plastic bin of all of the clothes and things since it’s all I asked for for christmas for years. I remember my first trip to the american girl place and I went again a few years ago with my younger cousins and it was just as exciting as the time I went when I was 8. I guess sometimes I still won’t feel like a grown up.

  7. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    I used to be so obsessed with American Girl! I got one (Samantha) for Christmas one year and carried her around with me for the next like 3 years, haha!

    One new food I’ve tried recently is papaya. I wasn’t a gigantic fan–it kinda tasted like a version of cantaloupe to me. It was still pretty tasty though!

  8. Megan @runningonjava

    It’s crazy to consider myself a grown-up. Just last week, I called my mom and asked her if it was okay if I went to visit my friend for a weekend over the summer. She responded, “why are you asking me?” I think I forget sometimes that I am old enough to make my own decisions. The stopping for coffee thing? That’s been happening for quite some time now :)

  9. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    The pic of your kitty in the sun – must you taunt me while I’m stuck here at work? :P And when someone asks me how old I am, I really have to stop and think for a minute. Honestly, sometimes it feels like I just graduated high school, never mind buying a car, going to college, getting a job, paying taxes, buying a condo… oh man. Scary to think about. I remember not being able to wait until I grew up so that I could do “cool grown up things,” but now I really just want to go back to being a kid again!

    1. aftertheivyleague Post author

      Ah, you and me both! I miss being a little kid all the time. It’s probably unhealthy at this point haha, but what can I say, I just loved my childhood and I kind of hate grown-up responsibilities.

  10. Alex @ therunwithin

    american girl dolls were my jam. I had molly and a look alike. i was that into them. so you like the pretzels? I am always a little skeptical about gluten free foods that shouldn’t be gluten free… you know?

  11. Sarah

    I visited Philly in September and was introduced to Scoop Deville. It has some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of ice cream haha! You can mix stuff in and they blend it all together to get a delicious consistency. I highly recommend it!

  12. Lillian @ Seize the Latte

    Omigod, I loooooooooved the American Girls collection when I was a wee lass. Samantha was my homegirl, fo sho. ;) And I completely agree about the wondrous qualities of Snyder’s GF pretzels, as I’ve been indulging in pretzels with PB like a madwoman since those puppies showed up in the grocery store. Effing delicious. :) Have an awesome day!

  13. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

    On most runs I go on, I don’t know the mileage. Sometimes I even go without a watch (always on accident though). Lately, I’ve been enjoying improvised runs where I just make up my path along the way. It’s nice!

  14. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    I love the rowing machine! Wish I could use it more but we only have a really rubbish one at home (which Ben wanted but now NEVER uses it…*sighs*) and I’m not a member of a gym.
    I never run witho a watch. I’m such a stat geek I love to know all the figures afterwards. I could probably run without looking at my watch but I’d always want to know how I ran after. I do like to do runs where I don’t care about pace so maybe that’s close enough haha.

  15. Victoria @ Reluctantly Skinny

    JUST bought that almond butter 2 hours ago – they finally restocked! Guess I wasn’t the only one with that problem. I’ve been taking the run free challenge, too. It’s nice to just run without caring about numbers. Just you and your thoughts!

  16. Melissa

    Good lord, I was SO into American Girl dolls back in the day. Molly and Josephina were my partners in crime, and I could never understand as a kid why I couldn’t have all the catalog accessories!

    I recently tried the Chobani flips (delicious), but other than that it’s been pretty much the same old stuff around here. Obviously I need to hit up a new restaurant or TJ’s or something.

  17. Khushboo

    Running with no knowledge of time/pace is the best- such a liberating feeling to be able to take in the moment and be in sync with your body & breathing! I set out for one on Wednesday and have no idea how far/long I went but i finished on cloud 9! That jar of almond butter looks divine :) !

  18. Kalee

    I can totally relate to your first thought. I proctored an exam to juniors in high school, and they were born in 96! I couldn’t believe I was 7 when they were born lol!

    I just tried Chobani’s “Bites”. They are amazing!

  19. Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats

    I used to LOVE American Girl dolls! My little sister just got one recently (she’s 8) and I’m embarrassed to say I wanted to play with it. Oops? Also as soon as my half marathon is over (this Saturday!! ahh!!) I will be diving back into my Jillian Michaels workouts as well and I’m a bit nervous. Those things are no joke!!

  20. Dawn

    Ugh. I hate when something happens that reminds you that you are now a grown-up. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of freshmen in college around town and they all look so young. And even though I’m only in my mid twenties it just makes me feel so old! LOL.
    Good job on the Ripped in 30! I just started INSANITY (I’m on day 3) and the moves are a lot like that… push-up jacks, power jump squats, planks with ski abs, ugh. I can barely walk today!


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