WIAW #25: No Time, No Veggies

It’s sad but true. Last night I made the valiant effort of trying to squeeze a cardio and strength workout in after work before showering, getting ready, and meeting friends at 8. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Oh and before I forget can I just say how excited (and relieved) I was to find out I’m not the only one who does the weird egg carton balancing act? I seriously love you guys.

Ok let’s jump into the usual What I Ate Wednesday, courtesy of Jenn!


Breakfast, 8:00am

Are you bored yet? I’m sorry. (new readers: I eat an egg sandwich every freaking day haha).


This is the one appearance veggies made in my day. I had some green onions mixed in with my sandwich. I used them in a recipe last week and am trying not to waste the rest!

Lunch, 12:00pm

Lunch was pretty simple, some grapes, string cheese, and shredded barbecue chicken.


Snacks, 2:30pm and 4:30pm

My usual Chobani + granola combo, and later an apple.



I also usually have a cup of tea or two throughout the afternoon, which I normally forget to include.


Work it Out

Ok so here’s where things get interesting. Play by play of my day once I left the office:

5:00 – Shutdown my computer, pack up my things, and change into my gym clothes.

5:10 – Drive to the gym.

5:25 – Arrive at the gym (no traffic, this was miraculous), drop things off in the locker room, head up to the cardio room.

5:30 – Do the following treadmill workout:

PicMonkey Collage

(Which kicked my butt! I ran at a 7:30 pace for almost 10 minutes total (with breaks) which was pretty tough for me. Also at about minute 20, a man who must have bathed in cologne hopped on the treadmill next to me. I could barely breathe. Gotta love Providence.)

6:05 – Stretch for a few minutes, head back to the locker room, grab my things, walk to the car.

6:10 – Drive home.

6:25 – Arrive home and immediately throw in a Jillian Michaels DVD (Body Revolution Strength 9). Proceed to get my butt whooped.

7:00 – Finish Jillian workout, quickly unpack my things from the day and get ready to jump in the shower.

7:05 – Shower.

7:20 – Make and eat dinner.

7:30 – Dry and straighten my hair, put on makeup, get dressed, grab my stuff and head out the door.

7:50 – Drive to meet friends.

8:07 – Make a U-turn because I suck.

8:09 – Arrive, less than 10 minutes late. Truthfully, not bad for me.

And that’s why I’m always in a hurry and always late. Fitting in workouts with a social life can be really challenging!


So here’s the “dinner” I prepared and ate in less than 10 minutes. A couple handfuls of the best dried fruit ever (seriously buy it) while waiting for my toast.

dried fruit

PB and banana on toast. The fastest thing possible.



There’s always time for dessert. I had a piece of the gingerbread cake I made awhile back. It freezes really well!


Late Night

So where was I off to in such a hurry?

Trivia night!! We came in third and had a blast :)

::unpictured popcorn and two captain and diet cokes::

And there you have it! Not a completely typical Tuesday, but with the warmer months approaching it probably will be. I definitely tend to go out more during the week when it’s nice out. :)

Questions: What do you eat when you truly have no time (like 10 min or less)? Favorite lunch food? I’m getting bored with my lunches and need ideas!

25 thoughts on “WIAW #25: No Time, No Veggies

  1. allisonhayes91

    String cheese is the best. Fitting in workouts and still living your daily life is tough sometimes! I typically have time for the workouts, but it’s the showering after that makes me late. Maybe I should just start hanging out with friends all gross and sweaty…haha

  2. Lillian @ Seize the Latte

    When I have no time, I go for PB&Js or cereal. I agree, though: fitting in workouts and a social life is really hard to do! (I’m also always hurrying and always late, so I can seriously relate in that department.) :) Good for you for managing to pull off both a serious workout and going out for Trivia Night — it’s a tough balancing act to pull off, and it’s awesome that you did!

  3. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords

    I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who substitutes paper towels for plates! Sounds like a busy day!

  4. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

    So true about fitting in a social life with working out! I’m always running late too haha. Where do you do trivia? We have trivia at this restaurant called Mellow Mushroom and it’s always fun. As for lunch- I like wraps and salads. The wraps are good to spice it up so my salads don’t get too boring.

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Toast and nut butter or cereal with yogurt are definitely my go-to meals when I’m in a hurry. Quick and delicious, and one more excuse to enjoy my favorite meal of the day :) as for lunches, I wish I could help but I’m kind of in the same boat. I usually just pack a sandwich/wrap with a small salad or make a super loaded smoothie.

  6. pickyrunner

    Apples, gingerbread cake… Yea I eat the same thing every day too. No shame. I eat sandwiches for lunch every day and the same thing for dinner and breakfast. It takes me years to get bored of a food group which is why I don’t mind eating the same thing every day!

  7. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    I can’t decide what’s worse at the gym: people who absolutely reek of cologne or people who absolutely reek of B.O. Either way, not pleasant in the slightest.

    When I’m in a hurry, a sandwich or a wrap and some baby carrots. or something I can throw in the microwave for two minutes (leftovers). It does the trick!

  8. lifeandfitnessbyashley

    I always forget to go to trivia nights and they seriously end up being the best! I don’t mind fitting in my workout, but blowdrying my hair is what takes me FOREVER.

  9. Eating 4 Balance

    I saw Alex’s comment above about the red delicious apple. Do you like them too? I’ve always been so confused as to why everyone says that they are their favorite. I don’t hate them, but they are definitely not as sweet or flavorful as other apples like Gala or Fuji!

  10. chasingchels

    mm lunch-wise i typically make big salads or sandwiches on English muffins or waffles :D when i need dinner in a hurry, i go with cereal or eggs and toast…can’t go wrong with either ;)

  11. Anna Smith-James (@AnnaTheApple88)

    I love that you eat the same breakfast every day too. I literally have oatmea and almomd milk every single day. I just love it and it fills me up.
    I’m so impressed at how you got a workout in and got ready for a night out on a work night! I manage to squeeze my running in in the morning and it’s literally a military operation of timings and being as fast as possible.
    Yeah I’m finding my lunches are getting samey too. I usually have a tuna salad or a sandwich. I’m thinking I need to try something with quinoa or something instead…

  12. kaityscooking

    your breakfast makes me want an egg sandy everytime! love it. trivia nights are so fun my brother use to host one at a bar right by him but he hasn’t this year, i use to always tell him he had to ask some question he knew only i’d know haha.. my quick meals is usually pb and banana or pbj, or a quick egg sandwich. always the best!

  13. quartercenturysouthernliving

    Trivia night sounds so fun! Going out during the week is such a great way to get out of a routine :) Peanut Butter and Banana is one of my all-time favorite combinations. I would tell you some awesome lunchtime ideas if I had any, I am definitely a sandwich girl during the work week!

  14. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani)

    Nothing wrong with having the same breakfast daily- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right ;) ! At leas that’s what I keep telling myself! I am rather impressed with your post-work efficiency to work out, eat dinner and make it to Trivia Night almost on time! A quick meal for me is usually yogurt bowls, peanut butter & banana toast or a couple of eggs quickly fried up with toast!

  15. Carrie

    I am obsessed with breakfast sandwiches too! So tasty, so filling, so perfect. :) My go-to no-time meal is usually a smoothie. In fact, I had one for dinner last night!

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