Fitness Friday and Online Shopping

Is there anything better than receiving a package in the mail?


It’s ridiculous how much this brightened my morning. My coworkers were a little concerned.

I’m a DSW rewards member (as you all should be) and I had received a “Free Tote” offer in the mail if you spend $29. I’ve been in the market for a new purse so I figured that was the perfect excuse to online shop.


Absolutely in love with the classic style of this bag. It was exactly what I wanted. It’s this bag right here and is a steal at only $40.

I’m really excited about the free tote too! It’s ginormous and will be perfect for weekend/overnight trips when I don’t need a full-on suitcase.


In other random updates from the day, I tried a new Chobani flavor. My roommates raved about the blood orange flavor so I bought one even though I was skeptical.


And…not for me. Orange-flavored things remind me of medicine for some reason. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I have plans to go on another double date tonight with Matt and his friends (did the same thing last Thursday) so I don’t have much time to blog. Since yesterday I blogged about the weather, today I’ll blog about something else I don’t blog about–every workout. Beginning to think I jinxed myself with that post.

Anyway, here we go, Fitness Friday!

SaturdayMy 5k race!

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 30 min Arc Trainer, Body Revolution Strength 9

Tuesday – This treadmill workout followed by Body Revolution Strength 10 <—the source of my sore glutes!


Wednesday – 3 mile easy run (9:53), Body Revolution Strength 9

Thursday – (planned) 30 min cardio hodgepodge, Body Revolution Strength 10

Friday – Rest

I’d like to go to yoga on Friday after work, but it’s my nephew’s birthday and we’re having a family dinner. I’m hoping to make it next week!

Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you guys on Monday!

30 thoughts on “Fitness Friday and Online Shopping

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Good luck on your race tomorrow!! Love those two bags, and I definitely agree that getting packages in the mail is ridiculously exciting – it’s like Christmas :D I almost picked up that flavor of Chobani when I was in Hawaii last week and I’m glad I didn’t… I’m not really the biggest fan of citrus in yogurt.

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    The tote is definitely cute! I’m in the market for a new laptop bag…mine is dying a slow death. Considering that I also use said laptop bag as a purse (yes, I carry a lot of stuff) I need to get on that quickly.

    Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  3. Carrie

    I’ve had the blood orange once or twice, and it’s definitely not for me either. I’m not a huge fan of orange-flavored things. Have fun on your double date! :)

  4. kaityscooking

    idkkkk which bag i like more there both so cute! ekkk i dont like any orange stuff really like that either, taste like cough medicine. I actually couldnt have any cherry stuff either for awhile bc it reminded me of medi and now i cant get enough (of someeee stuff) have fun on your double date!

  5. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

    Love your new bag. The free one is cute too! I first thought you were saying they were giving away the pink and blue for free and almost flew over to DSW online and bought something! Haha I want to try that yogurt. I love orange flavored things but hate cherry- for me, cherry tastes medicine-like. I feel like people either love or hate orange flavorings! Have a great weekend :)


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