WIAW and Super Exciting News!

Ok so the news isn’t really that exciting. But…


I finally joined the 21st century and signed up for Twitter and Instagram! I went on a Twitter following spree so some of you may have already noticed me, but for my readers I haven’t found yet, you should definitely follow me. Just sayin’.

Full disclosure, I already had an Instagram account. But it was a personal one that I never used. This new account is blog affiliated so I can take pictures of food and sneakers and feel less dorky about it. I’m pretty excited. But I haven’t found many people to follow yet on that one.

That means you should definitely leave a comment on this post with your @twitternames and Instagram accounts so I can look you up :)

If my social media personality turns out to be anything like my real life personality, I’ll probably be shy, sorta funny, and definitely awkward.

Anyway! Let’s get onto the usual WIAW talk. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



Nothing out of the ordinary here. Btw, I’m talking about what I ate on Monday instead of Tuesday. Just because I remembered to take pictures that day. Well, except this breakfast one, it’s recycled.



Lunch started with some fruits and veggies (grapes and carrots) and ended with a smoked apple chicken sausage sandwich with ketchup. Delicious and simple since I had no time for food prep this weekend.



Surprise Coffee Break

As soon as the weather breaks into the 40’s I’m all about iced coffee. My coworker wanted to go on a Dunkin’ run, so I happily joined. Coffee on him!



I also had no time to grocery shop this weekend so no Greek yogurt today. Very sad. I did have some granola already made though, so I ate it naked with a banana and an apple.



Work it Out

I used my Sunday as a rest day this week for my Tough Mudder training plan, so I went to the gym to cross-train on Monday. I programmed in a workout that targeted my legs since my butt was sore from sprinting uphill on Saturday. Worked up a pretty good sweat, but nothing special.


When I got home I needed Puffins in my life. I’m trying to fit in with the cool crowd so I’ll be eating my cereal in a mug from now on.


Just kidding. All our bowls were dirty. #roommates <—I’m practicing

After my cereal it was time to face Jillian. I had been putting off moving onto Phase 3 of Body Revolution for months. But no more excuses, it was time to suck it up and push through.

Holy crap. I don’t even have words. I’m also typing this to you guys on Tuesday after just having finished another Phase 3 workout and wow. I am sore. I’ll snap pictures next time of the worst of it. But just think: weighted jumping lunges, squat jumps with an upright row, and push-up jacks. That’s all I have to say about that.


I had some leftover quick fried rice (sesame oil, soy sauce, ume plum vinegar) with roasted Brussels sprouts and some asian meatballs. Hit the spot!



One of Andrea’s friends brought us over some Girl Scout cookies! Gluten allergy be damned. I had two.


One of those coconutty ones and a peanut butter chocolate one that was delicious.

That’s all she wrote!

Questions: Favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor? Iced or hot coffee?

Remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and leave me your names to follow back!

53 thoughts on “WIAW and Super Exciting News!

  1. Carrie

    Woohoo for Twitter and Instagram! Both are quite addicting so be careful! ;) I haven’t bought any Girl Scout cookies yet, which obviously needs to change. Come to think of it, I don’t think I bought any last year either–I’m long overdue!

  2. Lillian @ Seize the Latte

    Yay, social media! I just followed you on Twitter (I’m LilsMcT), and I’m going to go all Instagram-y this weekend — so once that’s set up, I’ll follow you there as well. :)

    As for Girl Scout cookies, the Samoas are the bomb diggity. I still remember those from my glutinous days, and I’m determined to recreate them sans gluten. It’ll be a challenge, but they’re so damn good that I feel like it’d be a shame if I don’t try. Of course, I need to actually find enough time to research a recipe and then do some kitchen experimentation — so somehow, I get the impression that I won’t be finishing this little baking project anytime soon. Sigh. I need a staycation!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      If you figure out how to make good GF samoas…please can I be the first to know?? That would be amazing! I also would love a staycation to be able to do the million things I feel like I have no time to do!

  3. allisonhayes91

    Yay! My twitter is @arealisticlife and Instagram is allisonmarietiu :) I get hot coffee all through summer. It’s ridiculous. And favorite Girl Scout cookie has gotta be frozen thin mints.

  4. Eating 4 Balance

    Your dinner of Asian meatballs and rice looks fantastic. Love the looks of that sauce!

    I “technically” have two twitter accounts (one for real life and one for my blog), but I’ve not been on either in months! Lol.

    Favorite girl scout cookie was always the trefoils (shortbread cookies). I hope the gluten didn’t bother your stomach too much!

  5. pickyrunner

    Hahaha I loved how you described yourself. Shy, kinda funny, and definitely awkward. Yep, you described me perfectly. Except I probably am not trying to be funny when it comes across that way. I’m just awkward like that.

  6. Megan

    I followed you on the twitter! I have an instagram account but I am pretty bad with the social media stuff (@megankellly) – fav cookie probably the peanut but and then one that you are holding! I don’t like coffee hot or cold : )

  7. cleaneatingveggiegirl

    That breakfast looks awesome, as does your sandwich for lunch. I love how perfectly crispy the bread is! Yum…toasted bread is the best!

    That dinner looks great too. I should definitely try making Asian meatballs using vegetarian “meatballs!”

  8. hotdot24sie

    I found your blog recently and love it..

    After the Ivy League-where did you go to college? I tried to find it, but didn’t succeed. Maybe I’m just lazy.

    I followed you on Instagram..I’m dotsie924 on there. I have lots of pics of my bulldog and some CrossFit/weights and barbells..maybe not too interesting to you ;) heh

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Aw, thanks so much! I went to Cornell (go big red!) and you’re right, I’m not sure if I mention where I went to school in an easy to see spot on the blog. I should probably fix that! And I love all dog pictures and fitness-related things so I’ll definitely enjoy following you!

  9. powerpeanut

    Oooo…all fun stuff. I love ICED coffee and the samoa girl scout cookies. I have to avoid them though b/c they’re too darn addictive.

    Instagram – powerpeanut.
    Twitter – @powerpeanutlife

    Going to follow you now!

  10. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Woop! Yay for Twitter and Instagram! I’m seriously the most social media inept person on the planet, but it’s something that I really want to get better at. I just can never seem to remember to check in to those platforms, and I have no idea how people keep up with the constantly streaming Tweets and what not. Eesh. Anywho, I followed you on both, and my account name on em is @runwithspoons.

    As for coffee… I love it both ways, but lately I’ve really been craving hot cappuccinos. I thought it was just the cold weather, but even when I was in Hawaii I took warm drinks over cold ones.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I’m superrr new to it all, so I haven’t developed too much of an opinion yet. But so far, definitely a major distraction and source of procrastination! Eek. Oh well…I have a feeling once I settle into it, it won’t be that much extra to check on a daily basis. And I definitely can’t see myself being an over-tweeter, I still keep a lot to myself!

  11. Jorie

    YUM! The coconutty ones are my favorite–Samoas! I have yet to have any this year. HMPH!

    Instagram: jorielarsen

    I’d love to keep up with you on there!

  12. Kaitlin

    I am obsessed with instagram :) And as for samoas! My favorite! But it’s been lent and I gave up sweets. Sadly that always happens around girl scout cookie season. I might try to make one of my own though. Happy Wednesday!

  13. chasingchels

    Samoas for the win!! I need to get my hand on some more stat….someone failed to mention to me that he loved samoas too and my stash has mysteriously dwindled while I’ve been at work! Boys!

  14. Alex @ Cookie Dough Katzen

    Gosh girl scout cookies have glutten in them? I guess most cookies do? So annoying! Samoas are definitely my favorite Girl Scout cookie! The best! Also your dishes are so pretty! I’m currently living in my first apartment after college so naturally we have a bunch of random kitchen and furniture items. Free is free of course but I’m excited to one day buy nice kitchen things :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Yes sadly all cookies (unless they’re special GF ones) have gluten, it’s terrible! Baked goods are definitely the hardest thing to give up, which is why I still have them occasionally and don’t usually feel too bad. And I got pretty much all of my kitchen stuff at Home Goods! I’m totally obsessed. I don’t have a real set or anything, I’ll just buy plates occasionally that I think are pretty to include on the blog!

  15. Anna Smith-James (@AnnaTheApple88)

    Mms your sandwich sounds really good. I’ve never tried chicken sausages. Sounds good!
    Yeah I have two twitter accounts, a personal one and then my blog one so I don’t feel like a right numpty posting stuff about food or my runs, which I know my friends would think was a bit odd haha.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I love chicken sausage! it’s so good. And seriously, I had to create a special one for the blog because I definitely would get crap from my friends with all the food pics that will inevitably show up!

  16. kaityscooking

    i loveeee any coffee! iced or hot! but i def chug the iced so hot is usually better lol could you have more then one instagram account?! bc i still feel like my friends would think im a freak if i am constantly posting pics of my treadmill time hahah

    1. aftertheivyleague

      You can definitely have more than one instagram account! All you need I think is an email to sign up. I have a personal email account and then one for the blog, so I just used that to make a separate account. Now I can post all the treadmill pics I want ;)

  17. reluctantlyskinny

    welcome to Twitter – I still feel weird using mine, or even saying “tweet” haha! And I don’t know how people get these cute twitter and instagram buttons for their blogs – I’m so behind on the times.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I’m definitely still getting used to it! And all I did to get the twitter/instagram buttons was insert an image widget on wordpress. Send me an email if you want me to help (aftertheivyleague@gmail.com). But I can definitely only help with the simple wordpress stuff, other than that I am so not tech savvy!

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