WIAW #22: More Peanut Butter

I gotta be honest. I chose to clear up some space on my DVR tonight rather than blog. A weekend out of town always leaves me with a ton of catching up to do! (yes I take my TV watching very seriously).

Anyway let’s get right down to business because I’m pretty tired and ready for bed right about now.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



Standard breakfast sandwich with an egg, egg white, and cheddar cheese on GF toast. Plus coffee.



Morning Snack

Blueberries were pretty cheap at TJ’s this week so I brought some to the office for a snack. I’m kind of excited to have fresh berries in my life again.



I went home during my lunch break today to throw together a Crockpot meal that only needed 5-6 hours to cook (if I started it in the morning, it would’ve sat in there for at least 10-11 hours).


I put some chicken I had marinated on the grill pan for lunch while I was getting my Crockpot ingredients together. A quick salad with lettuce, cucumbers, chicken, and honey mustard was the perfect lunch.


Followed by a spoonful of this deliciousness because why the heck not.


Afternoon Snack

Some strawberry Greek yogurt.


Then later I had an apple with almond butter. Our office lost power late in the afternoon when a car hit an electric pole down the street from us. So yea, there’s the story behind this picture…


Taken in my pitch black office.

Work it Out

I left work and drove to the gym like usual for a weekday, but once I got there and started changing, I realized I couldn’t find my phone. Like, anywhere. I couldn’t remember having it in the car but I figured that must’ve been where it was.

I planned on doing some intervals on the treadmill, so I went upstairs to look for a machine. No such luck. All of them were taken. Grr!

I figured it was stupid to wait for a treadmill when it was actually pretty nice outside (read: 35 degrees), so I decided to drive home and get an outdoor run in.

But my phone wasn’t in my car! I was officially worried. I had to drive back to the office to see if it was there. Losing my phone is basically my worst nightmare. I think I’d rather lose my wallet. <—probably not actually true.

Thank goodness my phone was at the office. What a relief.

And that’s how I wasted an hour of my day.

Anyway! I drove back home again, then brought out a new toy for my run.


I broke down and bought a Garmin! Just the smaller one with not as many options, etc. I want it to track miles when I’m running outside, so I can go on an unplanned route instead of planning in advance where I want to run. I think it’ll come in handy training for my Tough Mudder!

I ran 3 miles at about a 9:30ish pace (still working on the pause function for red lights haha), then I did the Strength 7 workout from Body Revolution. Then dinnertime finally!


I made Iowa Girl Eats’ Crockpot Chicken and Barley Vegetable Stew. Delicious recipe!


I used quinoa instead of barley (because I think I’m allergic?) and didn’t have any Italian seasoning, so I threw in some oregano, parsley, basil, garlic powder, and onion powder instead. I didn’t measure anything, just winged it. Also, this was my first time eating kale. I thought it was great in this soup, and I’m excited to try it in different ways since I still have a ton of it. Favorite way to eat kale anyone?


A warm, comforting bowl of soup after a chilly run. Perfection.


Two of these that I’m still working on from Valentine’s Day.


Bedtime Snack

More peanut butter. :)

And there you have it! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Questions: Have you ever lost or misplaced your phone? What do you do when there’s no machines available at the gym? Favorite soup recipe?

52 thoughts on “WIAW #22: More Peanut Butter

  1. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Hate it when there are no machines left at the gym. I usually just wait (you have to sign out cardio machines at the gym, so it’s easy to tell if someone is going to be done in the next 5-10 minutes) or hop on something else. Or go home. :-p

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Signing out machines is so smart, I wish my gym did that! Although I guess it would make it difficult to do an unplanned longer than usual cardio session. That very rarely happens though… haha

  2. pickyrunner

    I think I like that garmin more than the fancy ones! It looks like it’s much more user-friendly! We always have so so so much lindt chocolate leftover at my house after holidays. My mom goes nuts with the store since the factory where they make them is in my town. We are pretty frequent customers. Hey, it’s the holiday season, right? ;)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I love the lindt chocolates with caramel inside, those are the best! Matt just bought me dark chocolate and milk chocolate, honestly not my favorite but I didn’t want to tell him that ;) And I’ll never say no to chocolate!

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    “Because… why the heck not?!” is one of my favorite lines of reasoning :D I’ve never really misplaced my phone, but it fell under the seat in my car once and when I couldn’t find it when I went inside, I seriously started freaking out. Kind of scary to think about how much I depend on my phone, but sometimes it feels like so much of my life is on there!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Haha, honestly I didn’t know what else to say! “Because…I wanted it” was another option. <3 peanut butter. And yea, I was definitely freaking out when I couldn't find my phone right away. Playing horror stories in my mind about what would happen if I really did lose it. Eek, I hope that never happens.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Yum! That sounds delicious! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who hadn’t tried kale yet, I’m a bit behind the times with a lot of blogging healthy foods. Still haven’t tried Brussels Sprouts either!

  4. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I tend to freak out, like really freak out, when I can’t find my phone. Last summer I conveniently dropped my phone which shattered the front (iPhones need some new engineering ASAP) and almost broke down in tears when I had to wait until the next day to get a new phone from Verizon. Yea, I’m pathetic.

  5. Eating 4 Balance

    Hmmm. Maybe the gluten from the barley was bugging you?

    Favorite soup recipe. This reminds me– I eat soup everyday and I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a legit soup recipe. Lol. I prefer fast and easy. Kabocha cubes, with peas, diced carrots and zucchini.. Either with chicken/beef broth and meat. Just stick it all on a pan on the stove and cook for 20-30 minutes. Add water if the broth evaporates!

    I’ve never actually made a soup in a crock pot though, just the meat and broth!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I’ve actually never had barley, I’m just assuming it wouldn’t agree with me because of my wheat/gluten intolerance. I’m not positive though, because I don’t have full blown Celiac’s. I’d rather not risk it though and err on the side of caution!

      Soup in the Crockpot is pretty awesome and so easy to throw together. I love “setting and forgetting” it, makes life easy!

  6. chasingchels

    Fav way to eat kale would be in the chip form ;) if i lost my phone, i would have a complete breakdown. I know nothing without it anymore, which is sad to say I know, but it’s true haha. Nicely done on that run! Least favorite thing about running in the city…stopping at lights!

  7. Anna Smith-James (@AnnaTheApple88)

    So lucky to be able to go home at lunch and put dinner on! I live 45mins away from work so it’s just not possible :(
    Nightmare about your phone! I’d be the same. It’s jut such am essential thing now really isn’t it?
    Inavent really gotten into kale. I had it in smoothies and tried the kale chip thing but it didn’t rock my world. I think I need to revisit it though!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Ah, I know. I really am lucky to live pretty close! I don’t do it often, but a 10-15 min drive really isn’t bad and worth it sometimes. I felt so lost without my phone! It was one thing if I knew I forgot it, but I wasn’t sure at all where it was so I was super nervous. I think I’m gonna try kale in a smoothie, if it’s anything like spinach then I won’t be able to taste it which is kind of awesome.

  8. FruitNFitness

    I love the idea of checking out cardio machines. I hate it when I’m on one and people are just staring at you waiting for you to be done. If I get there and there isn’t an open one i’ll just run or walk around the track.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I know it wouldn’t that be awesome? My gym usually isn’t too packed, but I was there a bit earlier than usual which seems to have made a difference. Guess I won’t go early from now on! haha

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I love my Crockpot these days! If I plan ahead enough and grab all the ingredients I need, it’s so easy to throw everything in there and just let the magic happen. And PB&Co is a genius company…I’m obsessed with all their peanut butters!

  9. kaityscooking

    barley is a grain that does have gluten in it.. so maybe! ahh i hate when i lose my phone or keys, i became a lunatic and just hatee that feeling! especially when you think it’s somewhere and realize it’s not. ommmy that crock pot meal looks so freakin good! I actually laughed at your snack in the dark at first i was like hmmm maybe she likes eating in the dark hahaha! my nike app on my phone is doing the job right now til i give in and get a garmin lol

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Losing my phone was the worst feeling everrr. I was so panicked! And haha yes, I thought I needed to explain the weird in the dark photo..so random that my office lost power! I use the Runkeeper app on my iPhone sometimes too…but so far I like the Garmin. It’s really lightweight and I almost forget it’s there which is good so I’m not too distracted by my pace or anything. I can just enjoy the run!

  10. Lillian @ Seize the Latte

    Ok, so first of all, the coffee mug in that first pic is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color and the design! (I have a wee bit of an obsession — ok, a massive, raging obsession — with pretty coffee mugs.) Also, props on your first excursion into the world of kale. I love using it in smoothies (I usually use banana, frozen mango, vanilla or plain Greek yogurt, honey, Truvia, and some water) and in soups (my fave kale soup involves Italian sausage, lentils, and kale — it’s delish!); it’s really versatile, so you’ll have fun finding ways to use it! :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I have a raging obsession with pretty coffee mugs too, pretty kitchen items in general actually. I bought those at Home Goods, and I recently found some cute ones at Target too! We barely have room in our cabinets now haha. I think I definitely need to try kale in a smoothie, I’m hoping it acts like spinach and all I’ll taste is the yummy fruit and yogurt!

  11. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

    I thought I lost my phone the other day and I almost hyperventilated, it was in my pocket LOL! Thankfully I’m at the gym early enough in the morning that I have my pick of cardio machines, but if it did happen, I would just do the strength training first.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Ahh! hahaha that’s too funny. Totally something I would do too. And that must be one of the benefits of getting your workouts done early! I wish I could convert but I just don’t know, I had to be in work an hour early today and that was hard enough!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      So far so good with my Garmin! I bought the Garmin 10 for a little over $100. It’s really easy to use, and it picks up my location quickly. You can set a goal pace if you want to, or program an interval run so there are a good amount of cool features. I haven’t uploaded any of my runs to the computer yet, so I can’t really say much about that part. But running with it is great! Super lightweight, I barely notice it’s there.

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