A Day in the Life

Good morning! Happy Thursday all! How was your Halloween? Logan had a party at day-care and dressed up as a pumpkin for you guys! Hahahaha, he HATES his costume!


So anyway, last week, Ashley at My Food and Fitness Diaries did a fun post that was sort of a play by play of her entire day. Since I know we’re all a little nosy (at least I am, isn’t that kind of what blogging’s about? Just kidding :) ). But in all seriousness, I thought it’d be fun to actually write down what I do all day! Anddd since I’m always complaining about how busy I am (sorry), I figured I may as well prove it to you guys ;)

Here’s the recap!

5:30AM: Alarm goes off. Begin internal debate over whether I really need to get up this early. Hit snooze. Repeat.

6:30AM: Realize crap, I actually need to wake up this time. Get up, make bed, get dressed.

6:45AM: Enjoy quick bowl of cereal while watching the news. Take vitamins.

6:50AM: Leave for the office.

7:05AM: Arrive at the office. Print homework. Upload photos for yesterday’s post, edit, and add to text. Publish post.

7:45AM: Leave office to finish groundwater sampling for work.

8:45AM: Finish up sampling, and return to the office. Unload vehicle, label samples, fill out paperwork, call the laboratory, try to ignore co-worker’s requests for work.

9:05AM: Leave office to head back home.

9:20AM: Arrive back home, say hi to Logan. Turn on some coffee and grab a glass of water.

9:30AM: Turn on computer and catch up with emails. Read blogs while sipping coffee.

9:50AM: Pause because the Today Show just said the average American eats 3 candy bars a week? Hm, is that true? That means 24 pounds a year which sounds like A LOT.

9:51AM: Resume blog reading.

10:20AM: Finish coffee, head upstairs to change into workout clothes and get a quick workout in.

10:25AM: Begin getting my butt kicked by Jillian. Body Revolution Cardio, Phase 2.

10:42AM: Curse Jillian during second set of plie hops.

10:48AM: Tell Jillian she’s crazy if she thinks I’m doing high knees, double time.


11:00AM: Finish up my workout. Eat food and drink water.

11:10AM: Begin this post, check email again and catch up with the blog.

11:30AM: Finish up with the computer, pack it away. Turn off Kathy and Hoda before a clip from The Poltergeist airs. Jump in the shower.

11:45AM: Get dressed. Realize the leggings I bought yesterday are more tight-like than legging-like. Adjust outfit accordingly.

11:50AM: Dry hair, do makeup, brush teeth, etc.

12:10PM: Pack up for class, grab lunch and snack foods.

12:15PM: Hit the road, Jack.

12:30PM: Eat snack while driving (picture taken earlier).


12:45PM: Watch helplessly as enormous rock cracks my windshield. Mentally add “fix windshield” to my to-do list.

1:15PM: Arrive on campus, park car, and walk to first class.

1:30PM: Groundwater hydrology lecture. Quickly realize that I am nowhere near ready for this midterm. Decide it’s ok because the professor is handing out candy for Halloween. Eat skittles.

2:50PM: Finish up with lecture, 5 minutes late. Walk to next class.

3:00PM: Environmental chemistry lecture. Attempt to understand what’s going on.

4:15PM: Decide that I am starving and can’t wait another minute before eating one of these.

4:25PM: Get out of lecture, 10 minutes late, as usual. Walk to the library.

4:35PM: Eat yogurt, read paper, catch up on emails/texts.


4:45PM: Head down to the stacks in search of the perfect study space.

4:50PM: Start studying for that midterm I’m not prepared for at all.


5:50PM: Walk to last class of the day.

6:00PM: Hydrology lecture.

7:05PM: Get out of class, 10 minutes early (woo!). Walk to my car, pay for parking.

7:20PM: Begin driving home. Notice little kids trick-or-treating. Envy them.

7:45PM: Stumble upon two Alanis Morissette songs on the radio. Belt out both with equal enthusiasm despite not remembering half the lyrics.

8:15PM: Hit NO traffic and make it home in record timing. Say hi to Logan.

8:20PM: Begin cooking dinner. Take lots of pictures of Logan in his Halloween get-up. Hand out candy to my only trick-or-treater.


8:40PM: Eat dinner while watching the tail end of Hocus Pocus (pasta with a ton of veggies and chicken sausage).


8:50PM: Change into comfy clothes, unload backpack and neaten up a bit.

9:00PM: Upload pictures for today’s post, continue writing it. Check email, catch up on blogs, watch TV.

10:15PM: Wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, pack my lunch for tomorrow, get the coffee pot prepped for the morning. Turn off the lights and lock the doors.

10:35PM: Brush my teeth, wash my face, get ready for bed.

10:40PM: Finish up this post. More blog stuff.

11:00PM: Reading and BED TIME.

Phew. At least I’m one day closer to the weekend.

What’d you guys think of the play-by-play post? TMI? Did you dress up your dogs for Halloween?

P.S. This was my 100th post! I didn’t even realize it until just now. Wish I’d done something kinda special for it, oh well!

11 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. pickyrunner

    I love reading about bloggers lives. It’s so interesting! Your day is really busy- I have no idea how you function on such little sleep! Congrats on the 100th post… that’s awesome! I can’t wait until I’ve been blogging long enough to say that; I’ve only been at it for about 3 weeks!

  2. jessielovestorun

    What a fun post!! It was so good to walk in your day with you!! I can’t get over how adorable Logan is! I mean really, his costume.. awee!!

    Ohh & i LOVE Alanis Morissette!! I wish I’d remember where I put the CD of hers that I once owned.

  3. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    Yessssss!!! To Alanis!! That girl rocks my soul. (And she’s from my hometown, as if I needed a reason to find her ridiculously awesomely cool ;) )
    Definitely not TMI — but I’m nosy like that and LOVE knowing how others spend their days on a minute by minute basis. And you are one busy gal!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day for little ‘ol me. :D I really, really appreciate it chicka.

  4. runningonjava

    I love this idea – I’m definitely going to do one. Your dog is SO cute. I can’t wait to get a dog in the near future, we love dressing up our dogs at home. you definitely had a busy day – and I totally saw that report on the Today show (it’s part of my daily routine to watch it). Crazy, huh? You definitely have a busy day, and i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s adopted grandma-like sleeping habits. I feel like waking up early is the only way I’m productive! Congrats on your 100th post!

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Hehe in that first picture, Logan looks exactly like what my dog looks like whenever I try to put anything on her – she’s not even a fan of birthday hats. And it’s a shame because they’re such cuties!

    I’m super nosy too, so I -loved- this post, and I think it was still a great one for #100 (congrats, btw!!) Holy.wow though, you ARE super busy. And I had some serious trick or treater envy last night too… But I remember Halloween being way bigger back when I was a little kid – like there were packs of kids everywhere and last night I only had 4 come by my place!

  6. Natalie @ Free Range Human

    3 candy bars a week?! Is that true? I only eat a candy bar about once a year. Do you ever wonder how many curse words have been said around the world about Jillian? I have this feeling that she would probably like the fact that the number is probably pretty high. Love Logan’s outfit :) I cannot even imagine how crazy Max would be if I attempted to put a costume on him!

  7. kmichaud87

    Love Logan’s pumpkin costume! My dog would have eaten the costume and been mad at me! Sounds like a very busy day! I’m totally guilty of setting my alarm for 5am to go for the gym. It goes off and I lay there thinking yes or no and then adjust my clock and sleep in. Soon though that’s not going to be an option. Eeek! Happy November!

  8. Mollie @Sprinkles of Life

    Love the play-by-play. These are so fun and interesting to read. I really need to do one. I keep telling myself to get with it but always forget to start and think about the timing and stuff. One WILL be coming in the future!


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