Special Delivery

Good morning! Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO excited for this weekend. I have high hopes of getting in some great workouts, powering through some homework/class-related stuff, Halloween partying, and BAKING. Because this little gem came in the mail yesterday…


What’s inside? What’s inside?


Xanthan gum! Yes, I am excited about this. It’s a pantry staple for gluten free baking. I can’t wait to experiment and try to adapt some non-GF recipes to be GF! I actually had a coupon for this baby, so including shipping it only cost me $1.95. Can’t beat that.

Anyway, I read through this survey on Alex’s blog yesterday, and immediately knew I wanted to fill it out. Sorry for two survey-type posts this week, but they work perfectly with my all-over-the-place frame of mind right now, so I’m just going with it :)

A is for age:
Eek, 26. I’m old as dirt. (Don’t mean to offend here, I thought I was old when I was 22, it’s just how I am).

B is for breakfast today:
I had a waffle-wich this morning inspired by Jess! Two wheat-free waffles, with egg and cheese and a little strawberry jelly. Savory and sweet.

C is for currently craving:
Well, I just ate breakfast so nothing really. But as for cravings lately, it’s been a lot of protein-type foods, like turkey and chicken and eggs. Totally strange for me.

D is for dinner tonight:
No idea. I have some leftover veggie fried rice in the fridge, I’ll probably have that with an egg, over easy. Dinner last night was pretty great though. Me and Matt went to Fire and Ice (which is a chain restaurant around here, basically cafeteria style/make your own stir fry).


Salad, stir fry with noodles, chicken, and veggies, and a turkey burger with cheese on the side. It felt like we were in college again. Totally awesome.

E is for favorite type of exercise:
Circuit style strength/cardio mix-up workouts. I tend to get bored easily, so I like a workout that has me constantly thinking about what’s coming next.

F is for an irrational fear:
Spiders. Terrified. Once there were tons and tons of baby spiders on my bedroom ceiling. So I cried and slept in the living room.

G is for gross food:
Olives, yuck.

H is for hometown:
Dighton, Massachusetts. Small town girl over here.

I is for something important:
Family. I can’t even explain how much I love my family. Definitely the most important thing in my life.

rehearsal dinner collage

J is for current favorite jam:
Ok, don’t judge me. But Gangnam style. There is no way to listen to that song and not dance/get pumped up/laugh.

K is for kids:
This is a funny one. Because just last weekend my loving nephew asked me, “Auntie, are you ever gonna have kids?” Like I was ancient or something and running out of time. Nothing like the words of an 8 year-old to make you feel totally inadequate.

In all seriousness, I do want kids someday. I think.

L is for current location:
Providence, Rhode Island woot woot! Haha, honestly though. I like it here. It’s not as stressful as bigger cities like Boston, but there’s still plenty of things to do and restaurants to walk to. Best of both worlds!



M is for the most recent way you spent money:
Nothing exciting, just put gas in my car yesterday. Dinner was on Matt, he still doesn’t let me pay! Must make him feel manly or something? I’m not complaining.

N is for something you need:
Well the first thing that jumped to my mind was sleep. Then coffee. Then time. Then vacation. I think all of those things speak volumes for how I’m feeling right now haha.

O is for occupation:
Environmental Engineer at a consulting firm. Full-time grad student in Civil/Water Resources Engineering at Tufts.

P is for pet peeve:
I have a very specific pet peeve today about highway driving.

So I use cruise control, often. 74 is my sweet speed. I absolutely cannot stand it when people around me drive at erratic speeds. Like they’re going 65-70, so I pass them. Then they suddenly decide they want to go 80, and pass me. Pick a damn speed people!! Drives me nuts.

Q is for a quote:
I really like this Audrey Hepburn quote.

audrey hepburn quote  

R is for random fact about you:
I have been pulled over at least 10 times in my driving career so far. I’ve only had 3 actual speeding tickets though, and they were all out of state so they don’t affect my insurance or anything. But that one car accident did…

Yea, random fact: I’m kind of a bad driver :-/

S is for favorite healthy snack:
Something has been going on with my cravings lately because I haven’t been liking the same foods. I’ll go with a warm apple, topped with some yogurt, peanut butter, and nuts/granola. That one still sounds good.

T is for favorite treat:
COOKIES. I am the cookie monster. Whenever I want to bake something, it is almost always cookies.

U is for something that makes you unique:
I don’t know…maybe the fact that I don’t have my ears pierced? People are always shocked by that.

V is for favorite vegetable:
Raw = carrots, cooked = squash. I love squash. I need it this weekend.

W is for today’s workout:
Keeping it low key and just going for a nice sweaty run after work. It’s beautiful out, so it’s necessary.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:
I dislocated my hip during a cheerleading injury in high school and got an x-ray for that. I also had a girl fall on my head which lead to a back injury so I’ve had that x-rayed. And lastly I’ve had a CAT scan when I fell on my head doing a tumbling pass in the mud, and had a concussion.

Moral of the story, cheerleading is dangerous.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:
Date night with Matt. Dinner, drinks, and we were supposed to do something Halloween-y and go to a haunted house, but it closed early so we just watched Modern Family and Hocus Pocus.

modern family wtf

Z is for your time zone:
Eastern standard baby. Love the east coast :)

And that’s all folks! My mind is still swimming with lots of things I want to talk about (and my Notes app on my iphone is filled with them). I gotta find time to put everything down on paper. I’ll get to it don’t worry :)

So pick a letter or two and tell me more about you! What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting for Halloween?

23 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. pickyrunner

    Umm pretty much we’re the same person. I’m obsessed with carrots, from a small town in New England, LOVE Providence (I told you that yesterday, though), and eat cookies like it’s my job!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be off running in our conference meet tomorrow morning and then making dinner with one of my old teammates! No crazy halloween festivities for this girl :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Thanks! New England in fall is really beautiful, especially this year (not all years are that great, something to do with the temperatures?). I’m a huge Audrey fan as well, I was actually Holly GoLightly for Halloween last year! Such a good movie.

  2. Carrie

    I got so excited when I saw the King Arthur package! It’s funny, though–such a big box for a small container, lol. Meghan, I’m so with you on olives; they are *so* gross. Even though Halloween isn’t officially this weekend, I’m thinking about doing a local costume run with the Lululemon run club. Running and playing dress up sounds like a win-win to me. :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Haha I know it! You probably expected something more exciting than that tiny little bottle lol. That costume run sounds like so much fun! I wanted to do one in RI this weekend but i ended up having class this Saturday boo :( I signed up for a jingle bell run in December though that I’m really excited about!

  3. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    Kind of a bad driver and yet your pet peeve is bad drivers … haha. Love it!!! Is it okay that I don’t really know you (but what I do know I lovvvve!!), but this seems very “you”.
    I have to be at work early tomorrow, but I think I’m going to have to follow you and Miss Jessie-Belle in this waffle sandwich loving at lunch tomorrow. Seriously, it sounds simply TOO good to pass up!!
    Good luck this weekend!! Take time for yourself!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Hahaha oh man, you already have me pegged! That is kind of a “me” thing to say lol. I don’t think I’m a bad driver though, but my track record would suggest otherwise! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend take some time to have fun!!

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I’m secretly, or not-so-secretly, kind of addicted to surveys – such a great way to learn about people and so much fun to fill out. Your favorite healthy snack sounds SO up my alley right now, except I’d replace the PB with AB. Holy.wow. I could actually really go for some of that right about now…

  5. jessielovestorun

    So glad you ended up having a waffle-wich for breakfast. Love your snack idea.. but you have to try a cut up apple, crushed pretzels & jelly on top! It’s delicious :) .

    How did I not know you were a cheerleader? I was a cheerleader my whole life. Sorry about the injuries though, damnn :( I’ve had my fair share of them though too.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Mmm I haven’t had pretzels in so long! They have gluten free versions I need to try, I love them with peanut butter yum!

      And yep, I cheered from the age of 11 all through college. I loved it that’s so cool that you cheered too!!

        1. aftertheivyleague

          I did all stars for a few years, on a regional team in the RI/MA area. It was SO much fun but a little expensive so I couldn’t keep up with it. Did you do all stars? Come to think of it we went to a competition in Hershey, PA one year, maybe you were there! Man I miss cheerleading!

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  7. natashaboruszok1992

    Cute survey!!!!!
    I totally agree with olives, but I would also add pickles to the gross food list. I can’t stand them!
    Also, my fav veggie is carrots! I actually have recently had to stop eating them because I started to notice an orange hue on my hands and feet – no joke!
    I mean, I don’t think eating practically a whole bag of carrots a day is a good idea!!! lol

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Thanks!! Yea olives are seriously gross, but I do love my pickles. A bag of carrots a day holy crap! That is a lot of carrots. I’m tempted to make a corny joke involving Bugs Bunny but I’ll resist…

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