Life Lately

Long time no talk! Life has been cah-razyyy, but in a good way for the most part. Here’s an update via photos for you all!

MOH duties: making centerpieces.


Lots of fun at my sister’s rehearsal dinner!

rehearsal dinner collage

Getting ready for the wedding…I did my cousin Amy’s hair, so pretty!

Wedding hair



And the happy couple :)


Babysitting these cuties while the newlyweds went off to celebrate!



Then it was back to real life…

And lattes the size of my head.


Going to class in the beautiful New England fall.


Cramming for midterms.


Eating lots of this (and trying to keep it away from Logan).


Fighting Boston traffic.


And finally…FINALLY celebrating the end of it all! With a bottle of wine, sushi, and the boyfriend :)


What a whirlwind.

Since I haven’t had time to blog regularly these past two weeks, I feel like I have a ton of things on my mind that I’ve been wanting to share.

I’m gonna use my first free weekend in ages to gather my thoughts and hopefully put together some great posts for you all! Thanks for sticking with me through this hectic time, and have a great weekend! :)

23 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    Always great to get your thoughts together first. Glad to hear you had such a great time and that you were living in the moment!!
    Ps. What size is that drink?! Holy jeepers — I don’t think those sizes exist here in Canada. That’s ridiculously large!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Definitely, I’m looking forward to writing everything down to get it all out of my head though! Haha. And yes, that drink was ENORMOUS. Way bigger than I was expecting! I normally order a grande (medium) but I felt like I needed extra motivation to study. I threw caution to the wind and ordered a venti (large). Holy crap. So much coffee. It was delicious :)

  2. Carrie

    Great to hear from you Meghan–we’ve missed you around here! It looks like you had a great time at the wedding; congratulations to your sister and her (dun-dun!) husband! Now I really want wine and sushi for dinner tonight, lol. :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Aw, thanks Carrie! I’ve missed you guys too! Having no time to post and no time to read blogs…it was a dark time! I’m having fun playing catch up this afternoon though. I’ll pass along the congratulations, and go get sushi tonight! It’s seriously too good to pass up.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      I’m really hoping to get some better pictures of the foliage this weekend, it’s so pretty up here right now! I love this time of year when a boring highway drive turns into beautiful scenery, I keep wanting to pull over just for a picture!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Thanks! I was proud, although I have to credit her pretty hair. It curled like a dream. And I hate traffic. I almost reached my breaking point and cried, but I held it together thankfully.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Thanks! I’ll probably post more about the wedding when we have some better pictures, it was an amazing day. And oh man, that peanut butter. It tastes like cookie dough! Not too sweet, not too peanut buttery, it’s perfect. And therefore dangerous haha.

    1. aftertheivyleague

      It was so much fun, and the fall is beautiful up here! I need more pictures. You should definitely buy that peanut butter. Funny story….the reason I decided to try it was because I bought the cinnamon raisin one months ago to make your Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Granola…and since that was so delicious I figured this would be too. I was right, it tastes like cookie dough, you need to try it!

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I was wondering what happened to you, girlie! Thanks for checking in :D Sounds like life has been super busy for ya, but super fun (and delicious) at the same time. It’s Friday afternoon and a latte the size of my head is looking -really- good right now….

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Haha, aw thanks! I know, I fell off the blog planet for awhile there. But I’m still alive and kickin’! Excited to have time to blog again. You should definitely go for the latte, it’s the perfect treat for a Friday afternoon! That one was seriously enormous haha, but it did the trick and helped me study!

  4. Maria @powerpeanutlife

    Love those centerpieces!!! I was living in Boston until May. The traffic used to make me INSANE. INSANE. Used to take me an hour to go 11 miles. Not normal. Good luck to you. And remember, you can always move to CT….that’s where I am now. :)

    1. aftertheivyleague

      Seriously, is there anything worse than Boston traffic? Thank God I only head up there twice a week for school (I live in Providence). I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle anymore than that!

  5. powerpeanut

    Love those centerpieces! I used to live in Boston (just moved in May). The Boston traffic used to make me INSANE. INSANE! So good luck to you. And remember, you can always move to CT (that’s where I ended up). :) Have a great weekend!

    1. aftertheivyleague

      So busy, it’s crazy. Still need to find time to write some posts that have been on my mind. This week I’m making it a priority! And I think I’ll be finishing off that PB tonight, it’s just so good!

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