15 Questions

HI! What’s up?

I know I’m super creative with my introductions. Forgive me?

How was everyone’s Monday? Mine was pretty great, but tiring! My second day of grad school.

Work it Out

I slept in a tiny bit this morning, but eventually got out of bed at quarter of 8. I threw on some workout clothes, hopped in the car, and drove to the gym. During the whole drive I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for, so you know what that means! A mish mash mix-up of cardio. I decided to adapt this pbfingers workout by shortening it (I didn’t have enough time for 50 minutes of cardio) and adjusting it to my fitness level (read: I cannot walk uphill that fast!). Here’s what my workout looked like:

The HIIT cardio circuit at the end whooped my butt. I wimped out a bit during the jumping lunges. I hadn’t done them in awhile and boy do they kill my legs!

I drove home after my cardio to do the phase 1 strength 2 body revolution workout. Then I showered, made some breakfast, and got ready for class!

I’m planning on talking about today’s eats for WIAW this week, to give you all an idea of what the heck I eat when I’m gone all day for class (I know you’re all waiting with baited breath, ha. Just kidding). But anyway! I’d like to entertain you guys with a little quiz action.

I’ve never filled one of these out for the blog before, and I thought it’d be fun. Takes me back to the AOL days with chains of email surveys. Tell me you remember them…. questions like: Who do you have a crush on right now? Who was the last person that IM’d you? Then you read that your crush is IMing another girl and you’re all “ugh I hate her, I bet she’s lying.” Man those were the good old days…

I saw this fun little questionnaire over at Jessie Loves to Run this week. Here goes nothing!

15 (err 16?) Short & Simple Questions

1. Favorite ice cream flavor?: Starting off with a tough one already! I’d have to say any sort of chocolate fudge brownie flavor usually wins me over.

2. Favorite dessert?: Peanut butter cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting. Sooo rich and decadent, my mom makes one for my birthday every year.

3. Favorite meal?: Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffing and cranberry sauce are my usual favorites, but I love all the fall vegetables this time of year too! Butternut squash, mashed sweet potato, and turnips and carrots (a family classic). Unbelievable! Oh and of course some pumpkin pie for dessert.

4. What did you major in?: Biological Engineering baby.

5. Who is your best friend?: Ahh a tough one! I’d have to say Sarah and Jen (hope you’re reading this Sarah! haha)

6. Do you have any siblings?: Sure do! A younger brother and an older sister. Here’s an old picture of me with short hair!

7. Single or taken?: Ummm haha. Dating. One guy. Not serious yet. No clue how to define it.

8. Favorite TV shows?: Lots. But my all time favorites are probably Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and of course a healthy dose of MTV in the form of Teen Mom and Real World.

9. Where have you traveled?: I don’t have a passport! :( But I’ve seen a fair amount of the states, including California, Minnesota, Alabama, the entire eastern coast… I want to travel more!

10. Do you work out?: Yep! Try to 5-6 times a week.

11. Currently reading?: The Maze Runner. Definite page turner so far!

12. Pets?: I have a cat, Squeaks, and a nephew dog Logan!

(My cat is literally sitting a mere 10 ft from me at this very moment, but I am too exhausted to get up and take a picture. Just keepin’ it real people….haha)

13. Hobbies?: I love baking, cooking, reading a good book, running (when I’m in the mood of course), getting lost in a TV marathon, swimming, skiing, etc etc!

14. Mac or PC?: PC. Mac’s intimidate me.

15. Staples in your kitchen?: I generally have Chobani, almond milk, egg whites, cheddar cheese, gluten free bread, almond/peanut butter, and fresh fruit (apples and bananas always) in the house every day.

16. Past jobs?: In high school I worked at Subway (eat fresh!) and somehow never got sick of it (pre-gluten-allergy times, I miss them). In college I had some teaching jobs as a course assistant and an academic excellence workshop facilitator. Also did a CO-OP at an Environmental Consulting Firm. And now I’m an environmental engineer!

So now you guys know a little more about me! Pick a question and tell me more about YOU in the comments! :)

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