First Day of Grad School!

Phew, it’s been a long day! So much to tell you about!

I woke up early, got ready, ate some breakfast (same as yesterday) then drove to get my inspection sticker for my car. Mine expired last month, so I was relieved to get that over and done with. Next on my list was a dentist appointment at 9:00. Call me crazy, but I kind of like the dentist. No cavities, woot woot!

After the dentist I drove home to eat a quick snack and pack my backpack for class! It felt kinda weird, but in a good way.

I took the train into Boston today because I hate driving as it is, so there was no way I was driving in the torrential downpours. Plus, when I’m on the train, I can get some things done (read: I’m typing this post on the train right now!). Two birds, one stone.

My first day of class was overall pretty great. A little overwhelming (it always is) but I loved sitting in a classroom again, taking notes, and learning about Gibbs free energy and equilibriums and stuff. I’m a nerd, it’s fine.

Walking to class!

I had my Groundwater Hydrology class from 1:30 – 2:45, and snacked on some Chobani and granola immediately after. Then I had Environmental Chemistry from 3:00 – 4:15.

After Env Chem, I made a quick trip to the school store to buy some books (which I plan on returning next week and replacing with Amazon books, I just need them this weekend for homework).

Then I ate another slice of banana bread (recipe below!), hopped on the internet for an hour, and headed to my last class at 6pm. As a complete side note, you know you’re old when you kinda think your professor’s cute, but none of your classmates. Ha.

Anyway! After a 20 minute walk to the T and a 30 min T ride, I waited at South Station for my train.

An hour train ride and 20 min drive later, I’m home! Phew. What a day. Can’t believe this will be my normal routine for the next few months.

Am I crazy?

Don’t answer that.

Gluten Free Banana Bread
Adapted from Elana’s Pantry. Serves 12.


1 egg
1/3 cup of liquid egg whites
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
1 ½ cups overripe banana, mashed (about 3-4 bananas)
¼ cup shortening
2 cups blanched almond flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Combine the mashed banana with the shortening. Beat together until well incorporated (I used a hand mixer).
3. Add egg and egg whites and beat together.
4. Add honey and vanilla, continuing to mix until well combined.
5. In a separate bowl, combine almond flour with salt and baking soda.
6. Add the dry almond flour mixture to the wet ingredients, slowly, in 3-4 batches. Beat until well incorporated. Do not overmix.
7. Pour batter into a greased (sprayed with cooking spray) 8 x 4 in. loaf pan. Bake for 55-60 minutes, or until a toothpick or fork inserted in the center comes out clean. If you have an extra loaf pan, doubling up the pans will help the edges not to burn.


Yum! I’ve been eating this banana bread all week.

It’s dense and chewy and moist (ick, hate that word sorry!), and especially great for me because it’s gluten free! No feeling like crap after eating it. Don’t be scared by the fat content…it’s from the almond flour. And almonds are one of those healthy good for your heart fats. So you can totally feel good about eating this :)

Ok. BEDTIME. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “First Day of Grad School!

  1. Carrie

    Glad to hear you had a great first day back! This is the first year since kindergarten I’m not going back to school, which is a little strange. Thanks for sharing the recipe–it looks delicious! :)


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