I’m Alive!


I sort of fell off the face of the planet. For a longggg, long time. I know. I’m sorry.

I wish I had some really meaningful, worthwhile story to explain my absence, but the truth is, I just got tired of blogging. I was sick of thinking about food all-day-every-day, trying to decide which new recipe to try? and how should I photograph it? and what’s the nutrition count? and should I halve the recipe because when am I gonna find time to eat all this?


I got a bit stressed out. I also had to plan my sister’s bridal shower (a LOT of work)…

Move to a new apartment/house (totally worth it)….

And enjoy my summer as much as possible before starting grad school in September.

“Middle Sister” wine from my big sister as a housewarming gift. So cute!

There were also a few personal struggles I was dealing with which I may or may not share with you all at a later time. Anyway, something had to give.

So what’s changed? Well, nothing really. Now I’m planning my sister’s bachelorette party, working 30 hours a week, and taking 3 classes towards my Master’s in Civil Engineering at Tufts. I’m probably even busier now.

BUT. I really miss blogging. I loved having an outlet to talk about whatever random topic was on my mind. I loved connecting with people halfway around the world who are like-minded and think about the same things I think about. I loved sharing recipes with internet friends and face-to-face friends by linking them to my blog. I loved keeping track of my workouts, holding myself accountable, and seeing my progress towards a healthier lifestyle. I miss all of these things.

So… to make a long story short, I’m back! And I’m not going anywhere this time.

I’ll be making some adjustments to the blog. I won’t be posting on the weekends (I need that computer free time!), but I’ll have a goal of posting 5 days/week. If I don’t meet that goal during a particularly stressful week, then that’s ok!

I won’t be able to share a new recipe in every post, but I’ll do it as often as possible because I love to bake, cook, and try new things. By the way, here’s a sampling of some recipes I’ve tried this summer that were fantastic (no pictures since I wasn’t blogging):

Baked Southwestern Eggrolls
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes
Chipotle Turkey Burgers
Low Fat Granola Bars with Mango, Hazelnut, and Ginger
Green Chili Chicken Burgers
Peanut Butter-Pretzel Truffles <—– seriously AMAZING
Cookie Dough Truffles

So yea, I’ve been keeping busy!

I hope you guys enjoyed the brief update on my life…and I can’t wait to get back to some regular blog posts next week after the holiday.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend! I’ll leave you with a picture of the happiest puppy ever.

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